Well this is...different. XOJane's resident nail-art aficionado, Marianne, has graduated from caviar nails and on to fuzzy ones. Valentino Shoes Sale Her latest DIY mani involves combining polish with craft store flocking powder</strong> to create a textured mani that is reminiscent of candy-colored astroturf. Not satisfied with just furry fingers, Marianne then went ahead and created an homage to everyone's favorite baked goods obsessive, Cookie Monster. All it took was some blue flocking powder, googly eyes, and a black magic marker to bring the Sesame Street mainstay to life.

We don't really know why, but this kind of scares the beejezus out of us. We've got nothing against Cookie Monster, but furry nails remind us those weird hats Jamiroquai (and now Marc Jacobs, apparently) used to rock. She also talks of "petting" her nails, which, while we can understand the appeal of textured tips, we don't know how Valentino Rockstud Salecomfortable we are with rando strangers stroking our digits</strong>. We get enough weirdness during our morning subway Valentino Shoes commute u2014 we'd rather not add fuel to the flames. And most importantly, as our photo editor pointed out: Where are the cookies? (XOJane)